Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Discussing Elasticity, Plasticity and Rigidity

This is a really easy introduction to terms in physical science you can make as easy or as hard as you'd like. Traditionally, I would introduce them all separately. For Barrett we went ahead and introduced them all at the same time.

I set up a tray with the terms, objects and pictures. We discussed the definitions and than went on to find objects around the house.

Here are the basic definitions for you:

Elasticity: when something is stretched and returns back to the way it was before (elastic)
Plasticity: when something is changed and stay the way it was formed (clay)
Rigidity: something that does not stretch or bend (rock)

Name Cards and Pictures (Free- formatted to save some paper)

Searching for objects that display different features and recording on the camera. 

Extensions: you could make a friendship bracelet, weave, play with clay or build with blocks. 

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