Friday, November 16, 2012

Activities for 15-19 Months

So even though I haven't posted much on little Indie lately she has been quite the busy bee. This age seems to be so fun (19 months) with new words almost everyday and a budding personality showing itself more clearly. 

She has been in LOVE with the Clothing Cards from Montessori Print Shop. We start our "work" time going through these in the morning. 

Here is a fun practical life activity using a whisk and a bowl full of bubbles- 

Sorting shapes and colors on this toy from Melissa and Doug I bought several years ago. It's been a consistent favorite. 

Playing at the playdough table. The kids trade in their candy for money at our family dentist and0 she used her money for new playdough. It's been fun to see her get excited about this! Bear has rarely ever enjoyed this activity.  

She's also been working on some simple puzzles. I bought her some of the larger ones (with big knobs) thinking she would like them but she prefers the little knobs. Always up for a bigger challenge I guess...

And finally- blocks. Stacking and tearing down. I even put some duplo legos in her room so she had easier access to them. This pic is from an outing we had... I love these giant blocks... it would be great to have some!

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