Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Geomag- Geometry Extensions

 Earlier this week we headed out to the Nature and Science Museum and had a blast in the Human Body section. I figured with all the Anatomy books he's been reading we would spend most of our time there (I was right...) On our way out though I spotted a set of Geomag toys on clearance. I had never seen them before and they fit so well with what Bear has been doing I took the chance and got some.  I can't believe how much time he has been spending on Geometry lately.

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 Bear went right to work building. He was excited to show me how the "points" and "lines" connected to make shapes.  He also showed me some pyramids and prisms he built. I was impressed at his retention of the nomenclature.

Today I took out some of our nomenclature and asked him to build some shapes and solids. Here are the shapes- I put out the pictures and he built the shape and found the correct word.

Building some Geometric Solids. We did this the same way as above.

This is one of the first times I think he totally understood the difference between a triangle based pyramid and a triangular prism. One of the huge benefits to being able to build and flip around the shapes for yourself!

Here is a hexagon- we counted the triangles. After this we counted how many triangles were in a square and what other shapes we could use triangles to make.

We have a pretty simple set that we purchased for less that $15 but with how much we use them, I'm looking forward to surprising him with more so he can build more complex shapes and buildings and bridges and...well...just about anything. 


  1. nice! My kids have enjoyed our Geomags for years now. They are a great toy for this type of construction.

    1. they really are great! I'm glad we were finally introduced to them! thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. My sister gave me a set of Geomags and I want to use them in my kindergarten classroom but I want to include suggested shapes and whatnot that they can make. Did you make your cards or did they come with the set? Thanks! :)