Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Preparing our Outside Enviroment

This year we have been really excited to put together our backyard.  We had two major additions put in this month- some backyard chickens we adopted from my sister in law along with a few small garden boxes. 

The kids have been SUPER excited about the chickens. 

 (staple gun privilege was only allowed for the taking of this picture)

Our first day with them included having two of them escape down the street and learning that they do in fact eat their eggs. But we are learning. And we'll get there.

I know the garden will get a lot more attention once it's not- you know- frozen. Seeds are sprouting inside and I'm growing excited. Full Disclosure: I am not a gardener. I have a very black thumb. Our first year of gardening provided us with NO edible plants. This year, my hope is for a few more potatoes and maybe a handful of arugula. Maybe. 

While the kids do have some responsibilities with the garden and the chickens, here is what we've been incorporating for play:

We put in a log to function as a balance beam. Or a chair. Or a jumping off point. Or a goal. Or... you get the idea.

a simple sandbox. 
jump rope. 
soccer ball. 
sidewalk chalk 



We are very much looking forward to playing without coats and hats and gloves. 

Although there is something magical about playing in muddy snow with patches of green grass peaking through.

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