Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bird Unit

This week we've been busy going through a unit on birds.

 Our basket contained: bird seed, flowers, small clay pot and moss.

We started learning about the types of beaks that birds have using a free printable from Montessori Print Shop

Barrett took some time photographing the birds that visit our feeder outside. 

We also tried to identify what type of birds by using a local wild life guide. It was a great time to go over animals tracks. We have the Animal Track Cards from Montessori for Everyone. (Free) Another resource: Animal Track Three Part Cards from Montessori Print. 

 Our attempt at making birds nests out of yarn and glue. Barrett's was the only one that somewhat resembled a nest... it was still fun though!  

Here is an easy art project. You can print this out at Kimboomu Kids Songs Bird. The kids love the song Green Grass Grows all Around.

Barrett also worked really hard on the Kindergarten bird packet from Homeschool Creations. You can find an amazing amount of links for inspiration. The math game was by far the favorite.

And... if you would love to see some more ideas check out Living Montessori Now's Bird Unit Pinterest page with more than enough activities to last your kids through highschool (just kidding...) 

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